Join Our Stark Raving Team!

Stark Raving Solutions is growing like stark raving crazy and we need you to join us in one of the key team roles listed below. Job perks include tech speak, friendly guard dogs and Diet Coke. For more information, or to submit a resume and cover letter please fill out our careers contact form.

Stark Raving Solutions connects houses of worship and religious organizations to their people through high quality audio/video/lighting design and installation. First in class consultation and customer service are what separate SRS from our competitors. We have an experienced and dedicated team who have created our ability for organic growth year over year through excellent and consistent technical solutions and customer service. SRS is nimble and responsive to customer needs and has been in service for 15 years.

Thank you for checking our careers page.  At the present time we have all the Stark Raving Team Members we need.  Check back in the future though and stay in touch!




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