With expert system installation & commissioning.  A professional system design needs a professional installation. We utilize the same engineers that design our production systems in the installation phase; this guarantees that our clients receive the best quality end results. Once the equipment and wiring is in place, we configure and fully test every aspect of the production system to assure its maximum level of performance. Part of the installation package includes as-built drawings, a full set of technical documentation and test results.


Our design and installation services maximize value for our clients and strategic partners. We prefer a design/build approach that allows us to take full responsibility for both the design and delivery of the solution, resulting in one point of contact. For each set of services, we present recommendations to help your decision-making throughout a project. And during every phase of the project, we are guided by the “Five Ds” of the SRS customer experience for project delivery. The uniqueness of the “Five Ds” is its simplicity and ease in defining each project phase for our team and strategic partners. The expected deliverables are also clearly defined so that all bases are covered and surprises are limited.

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